Learn to heal yourself and others

Learn to heal yourself and others through this multi-level programme

The Healing Touch training programme consists of 5 sequential course levels in energy-based therapy, from beginning to advanced practice.  After completing the Level 1 course, a student can provide Healing Touch treatments for themselves and others. After completion of the Level 5 course, students are eligible to apply for international certification.  The Healing Touch courses must all be completed in sequence.

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The Healing Touch continuing education programme is designed for healthcare professionals, counsellors, body therapists and others interested in healing work.
Healing Touch New Zealand offers courses, support groups for students and trainee practitioners, and peer support for qualified practitioners. Courses are available year-round throughout New Zealand. Course fees are detailed at the bottom of this page.

Healing Touch Certificate Program Curriculum

Level 1

This course invites participants from various backgrounds to learn the concepts of and gain skills in Healing Touch, an energy based therapy. The objectives for Level 1 are:

  • describe the human energy system relationship to physical, emotional mental and spiritual health;
  • discuss energy principle basic to Healing Touch;
  • identify a Basic Healing Touch Sequence: assess the energy field and energy centres;
  • demonstrate specific intervention techniques used in Healing Touch and
  • discuss applications of Healing Touch in personal and professional practice

Level 2

This level of study includes developing skills with an intake interview, performing a one hour healing sequence, back and neck techniques and assessing individual client needs.  The objectives for Level 2 are:

  • share experiences of practicing Level 1 techniques;
  • develop interviewing and additional assessment skills;
  • demonstrate a one hour healing sequence for specific client problems;
  • document clinical work;
  • practice back and neck techniques and
  • describe specific techniques in addressing client health challenges.

Level 3

In this level of study students will be introduced to Higher Sense Perception and work with the spiritual layers of the energy field.  The objectives for this level are:
discuss advanced development of the healer;

  • experience healing from three roles:practitioner, client, and observer/coach;
  • practice hara alignment;
  • expansion of the core star;
  • demonstrate a full healing sequence using chelation;
  • spinal cleansing;
  • healing 5th, 6th and 7th levels of the subtle body;
  • practice techniques of Etheric Template Clearing and Lymphatic Drain.

Level 4

This four day residential course prepares the student to become a Healing Touch Practitioner.  Topics addressed include, business concepts, professional development of the practitioner, networking and identifying client energy patterns.  Objectives include:

  • describe the development of the Healing Touch Practitioner;
  • demonstrate a 5 step sequence to include intake, three healing sessions and discharge planning;
  • identify issues related to the development of the Healing Touch Practitioner;
  • discuss the case study process based on the sequence demonstrated during the workshop; discuss principles of apprenticeship/mentorship in professional practice;
  • discuss the purpose of a professional profile notebook.

Level 5

This four day residential course focuses on the completion of the projects commenced in Level 4.  The objectives include:

  • describe the professional development of a healing practice;
  • present a professional profile notebook and resume;
  • discuss practice issues in your role as a Healing Touch Practitioner;
  • present comprehensive Healing Touch case study for peer review and critique;
  • present documentation of client sessions;
  • review apprenticeship/mentorship process;
  • report receiving other healing modalities through 10 documented experiences from other practitioners;
  • discuss Healing Touch research and implications for practice and
  • describe Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner.

Certification Process

Once a student has completed Level 5, including the growth work set in Level 4, they may apply for Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Touch International Inc.

This process entails submitting written material responding to the criteria laid out in the HTI Practitioner Certification Packet.  The areas to be addressed are: course work, modalities received, mentorship process, educational material, case study, specific Healing Touch Interventions and a self study.

The applications are received twice a year and assessed by the Healing Touch International Certification Board.

The Healing Touch programme is firmly established as a highly ethical, credible programme and can withstand the scrutiny being applied to complementary healing practices by the medical establishment.

This programme produces highly skilled practitioners who undergo a comprehensive course of study to complete the practitioner level. Those who complete certification have “gone the extra mile” to measure up to an International Standard of Credentialling and Code of Ethics.

Level 6

This is the instructor level for the Certified Healing Touch Practitioner to learn to teach Healing Touch. The emphasis is on group dynamics, setting up programmes, principles and methods of teaching and learning. All instructors meet annually to advance skills, network and develop activities in the work of Healing Touch. All instructors are required to become a Certified Healing Touch Instructor by Healing Touch International, in order to teach the official programme of Healing Touch.

Course fees, discounts and other information:

  • The course fee for Levels 1 to Level 3 is $350. For Level 4 the course fee is $500 and for Level 5, the course fee is $650.
  • There is a $50 Earlybird discount if fees are paid in full 4 weeks before a course begins.
  • All fees include a $50 non refundable deposit.
  • If you are repeating a course, the fee is halved.
  • A discount of $25 applies for Healing Touch NZ members, for Levels 1 to 5. Maximum discount of $75.00
  • Student discount is 10%.  A current student ID card must be sighted by the course coordinator.
  • Accommodation costs are not included in course fees.
  • All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and do not include GST. (HTNZ is not GST registered).

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