A wonderful weekend

 Heart of Community – Holding the Light

The first Australasian Gathering, held over the weekend of 18020 October 2013, was a wonderful weekend of joy and connection. There were 48 participants, 17 from Australia, Lisa Anselme, President of HTI (now known as Healing Beyond Borders) from the USA, and the rest New Zealanders. Hundreds of photos were taken – here are our Mandala tiles,  photos from the Sparkle Party Dinner and a few more..

And PLEASE read the wonderful Ode written especially for the Gathering, by our wonderful MC for the weekend, Dayle. Thank you Dayle.

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b2 Annis (534x800) (534x800) Deb & Susan Ashton (533x800) (533x800) DonnaBig Momma (533x800) (533x800) _DSC8805 (2)

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Wendy (2)

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Lisa Anselme speaking

Lisa Anselme

Sam McSorley

Sam McSorley

_DSC9034 (3)